Bowen Paulle, Ph. D.

Paulle is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam. A native of New York, Paulle presently resides with his wife and two daughters in The Netherlands.

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2006 Economische desegregatie van het onderwijs. In K. van Beek en Y. Zonderop (Eds.) 30 plannen voor een beter Nederland. (Part of Sociale Agenda project). Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Meulenhoff (216-243).
Voorbij de oude debatten: Een voorstel voor 'economische' desegregatie van het onderwijs

Bowen Paulle was co-founder and director of The Bridge Research Partnership.
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Anxiety and Intimidation in the Bronx and the Bijlmer


Post-Secondary Education
June 2005
Ph.D. Sociology, University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research)
November 1996
Master in Sociology and Historical Studies, The New School for Social Science Research (USA)
June 1992
Bachelor in American Studies (Cum Laude, High Dept. Honors for Senior Thesis), Brandeis University (USA)
Exchange student, European Studies, University of Amsterdam
Employment and professional activities
Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Amsterdam
Co-founder and Director, The Bridge Research Partnership
Lecturer in Sociology, University of Amsterdam
Research Fellow, RBC-Network (Research Based Consultancy, NL)
Co-editor, Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift
English teacher, Mendell College, Haarlem
English teacher, Augustinus College, Amsterdam
Social Studies and History teacher, William Howard Taft High School, Bronx, New York
Research Interests
The ethnography of urban outcastes and elites, educational (de-)segregation and the reproduction/transformation of exclusion more generally, the power of ritual practices, forms of violence and aggression, "race" and "ethnicity" as principles of social (di)vision, bodily behavior and (collective) emotions as modalities of group formation, gender dynamics, classical and contemporary social theory.
Paulle's dissertation, Anxiety and Intimidation in the Bronx and the Bijlmer: An ethnographic comparison of two schools, resulted from nearly six years of teaching experience and fieldwork. Anxiety and Intimidation illuminates the 'hidden curricula' to which highly vulnerable students in New York and Amsterdam were exposed. It depicts the meanings and mechanisms that governed the youths'--and the teachers'--responses and offers a sociological explanation of why the students in the two institutional worlds apart tended to act, feel, and think as they did. This study was named best dissertation defended in a Dutch University, 2005-2006, by the Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging (Dutch Sociological Association).
From December 2009 Paulle will be a member of city of Amsterdam's Adviesraad diversiteit en integratie.


Anxiety and Intimidation in The Bronx and The Bijlmer
Scholarly Articles 2007
"Relocating violence: Practice and power in an emerging field of qualitative research." In D. Flannery, A. Vazonsyi, and I. Waldman (Eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior and Aggression. New York and Cambridge (U.K.): Cambridge University Press (750-765). 2007
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"An interview with Philippe Bourgois." Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift, jaargang 30, 4 (544-574). 2002 "On comparing a 'black' and a 'zwarte' school: Towards relevant concepts and illuminating questions," Intercultural Education. Volume 13, Number 1 (7-19).
Non-Academic Publications
20-03-2004 "Vmbo worstelt niet met ras of met etniciteit, maar met onhandelbare leerlingen." NRC Handeslblad (Opinie: 15).
25-02-2006 "Bevorder de integratie: Meng arm en rijk op school." Volkskrant (Het Betoog: 7)
Reports by The Bridge Research Partnership
2008 "Evenwicht in West" Presented to the DMO (Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling) of Amsterdam's municipal government.
2007 "Amsterdams basisonderwijs in sociaal economisch evenwicht? Een nieuwe visie op haalbare desegregatie projecten." Presented to the DMO (Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling) of Amsterdam's municipal government.
2006 "Excellence en evenwicht: Naar een nieuwe ZPC/Zadkine in 2009." Presented to the director of ZPC (Zuiderparkcollege, Rotterdam).
Select Interviews
"Socioloog Bowen Paulle: 'Hééft links het ooit geprobeerd?'" Humanist, jaargang 58. nr. 6, december 2006 (12-14).
"Strijd tegen segregatie begint op scholen." Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken. Maart 2006 (4-8).
"Spreiding in het onderwijs: 'Niet ras, maar klasse'" Groene Amsterdammer, nr. 7, februari 2009.